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Mission, values and objectives

Our mission is to take the lead in advocating for and celebrating cultural diversity within our community. We aim to achieve this by facilitating access to tailored services for multicultural communities, with a special focus on those who are vulnerable or facing social and financial challenges.

We are a non-political organization that collaborates with both mana whenua and the government. We hold a deep respect for and appreciation of all ethnic backgrounds, firmly opposing any form of racism.

We are committed to upholding the E Tū Whānau values, which are rooted in fostering a safe and inclusive multicultural New Zealand. These values encompass six key principles:

Aroha: Giving without expecting anything in return.

Whanaungatanga: Cultivating connections and relationships.

Whakapapa: Understanding one's identity and sense of belonging.

Mana/Manaaki: Elevating the dignity of others through support, growth, and constructive challenges.

Kōrero awhi: Encouraging positive communication and actions.

Tikanga: Conducting ourselves in alignment with our core values and principles.

It is universally recognized that multicultural communities are valuable assets, just as our relationships and networks are cherished resources.

We hold deep respect for and highly value the contributions of those who have paved the way before us, recognizing their invaluable impact on our journey.

The primary goal of the Marlborough Multicultural Centre is to create a secure and inviting space where migrants, newcomers, and local residents can collectively embrace their cultural diversity. Our aim is to ensure that individuals of all ethnic backgrounds feel encouraged to engage fully within the Marlborough community, fostering a deep sense of connection and belonging.



Testimonials from our Volunteers

"Being a volunteer at MMC I see new migrants blossom into confident residents of Blenheim. I come away from the morning teas feeling refreshed having met people from different cultures and beliefs. There’s always something that was said or done that lifts my spirits and I look forward to seeing them again.” 

Jenny Tavers

“The reason I enjoy being a volunteer for the MMC is that I am enriched by meeting so many wonderful people from around the world who so willingly share their cultures with me. In return I can share my Kiwi culture with them. It is great seeing so many people having a happy time, being together sharing ideas and views over a cuppa. I always come away from our 'get togethers' feeling so positive and happy.”

Ann Turnbull




Office Hours

Monday to Thursday - 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. 


Office Phone: +64 3 579 6410







Matilde Figuracion, Chairperson

Nicolette Prendergast, Vice Chairperson

Patricia Miranda-Taylor, Treasurer

Claudia Puertas-Reynoso, Board Member

Margaret Western, Board Member (leave of absence)

Nevena Ivanova, Board Member



Margaret Western, Acting Centre Manager

Rachel Gorospe, Centre Manager (on leave)

Marcelo Gonzales, Community Events Manager 

Deborah Early, Administrator 

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