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At our centre, we offer a safe haven for newcomers to Marlborough, providing them with essential information, assistance, and opportunities to connect with others. Additionally, we curate a variety of events and activities that highlight and celebrate the rich tapestry of our multicultural community. Often referred to as the initial step for newcomers, our services act as a bridge and referral agency. We not only provide advocacy but also guide individuals toward relevant agencies, often collaborating with them to facilitate a smooth settlement process.

Our journey of empowerment, celebration and advocacy include dance workshops, cooking classes, language weeks celebrations, morning tea sessions, art workshops, let’s talk about business sessions, basic car mechanics sessions for female newcomers, health and fitness programs, various cultural celebrations and observances, multicultural parades and the highlight of the year – Marlborough Multicultural Festival, a festival of colours, sounds and spices bringing thousands of people together every year to celebrate the many cultures that call Marlborough Home.



Testimonials from our Volunteers

"Being a volunteer at MMC I see new migrants blossom into confident residents of Blenheim. I come away from the morning teas feeling refreshed having met people from different cultures and beliefs. There’s always something that was said or done that lifts my spirits and I look forward to seeing them again.” 

Jenny Tavers

“The reason I enjoy being a volunteer for the MMC is that I am enriched by meeting so many wonderful people from around the world who so willingly share their cultures with me. In return I can share my Kiwi culture with them. It is great seeing so many people having a happy time, being together sharing ideas and views over a cuppa. I always come away from our 'get togethers' feeling so positive and happy.”

Ann Turnbull


Are you planning an exciting event in our local area? 

If you'd like to share your event with your neighbours and fellow community members, we invite you to get in touch with us. Whether it's a neighbourhood picnic, a charity drive, a local festival, a sports event, or any other community gathering, we'd love to help you spread the word and make your event a great success.

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday - 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Phone: +64 3 579 6410






Matilde Figuracion, Chairperson

Nicolette Prendergast, Vice Chairperson

Patricia Miranda-Taylor, Treasurer

Claudia Puertas-Reynoso, Board Member

Margaret Western, Board Member (leave of absence)

Nevena Ivanova, Board Member

Sanket Babre, Board Member



Margaret Western, Acting Centre Manager

Rachel Gorospe, Centre Manager (on leave)

Marcelo Gonzales, Cultural Events Manager 

Ruixue Pan, Community Connector

Deborah Early, Administrator 

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